Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weird Knee Thing...

I recently had a major blow out with my knee...I have no idea of how/what/why...just a weird freaky knee thing that took me by surprise...knocked me down and then kicked me while I was on the ground crying. It is not nice to kick someone when they are down...but it did. I was walking home from a visit with a dear brother. As I turned the corner to get to my flat I had the thought "Wow, my knee hurts". By the time I got another 20 feet I was saying "I hope I make it home and don't fall on the ground right here". I can't remember having pain in my knee like this ever before. I don't mean my knee's have never hurt, I was a high school athlete who didn't take care of her knees like she should have, so I expect pain as I grow older. It just surprised me by the intensity and the speed at which it hit me. I put in a call to people in the medical field for information on how I should proceed. (Finally all that FB time has paid off)And got an immediate response to my questions. Thank you RN's who were so compassionate and prompt with your educated opinions. (I know...they do not have MD behind their names, and they did not give me "medical advice"...just their opinions from years of experience in the medical field, which I completely trust.) Long story short... I didn't go anywhere on Sunday...didn't even get out of my p.j.'s. Took what medications I had with me, and borrowed a cane so I could at least go to the bathroom with out assistance. of knee is still acting up...still painful and stiff, but I can at least move around without croaking! I am asking a friend here with airline connections to help me get a seat change and airport assistance in D.C. to lessen the possibility that I will miss my connection home because of mobility issues. We will see how much customer service someone gets who only flys one time per year on a missionary rate! So...if any of you see pictures of me with a cane, I'm not sporting a new look, I actually am using it for what it is intended! BUT...keep praying...and don't worry...I am fine! I will be home next week. I love you all and really appreciate the love and support you give me. Till Tuesday!

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