Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Beautiful day in the Neighborhood

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It started off with Jane going to work and me having to find my way to the church by myself. It's getting to be a good habit to be in...I like this getting there by myself. No hassles, no problems...just a little drink of water from God that is going to refresh the flowers for us.I will buy an umbrella maybe...it may not rain again! Had just a little wait at the building before Lena arrived with the key. Aloysia was there with his daughter, Rosa. Marina arrived about five minutes later and soaking wet. It appears that the rain on her journey was much stronger than the little bit I got on mine. The day started off rather slow. Just Rosa and her father were there at 10:00. Our next "kid" was quite a different story. An adult man walked in off the street and began to ask questions. Something that I almost always welcome. Today...not so much. It didn't take long to realize that he was inebriated. He had seen the advertising on the window about a children's class and wanted to talk to us about that. He started off with Marina, an interpreter, and myself. He stated that "faith was very serious, and should not be played with games". I asked Marina what he was saying and she said most of the sentences don't match, and don't make any sense. I let him talk for awhile. It became crystal clear that he meant to disrupt our class so that "no games" could be played. I then broke in and spoke my mind...I know what you are all thinking...NOT Jackie...speaking her mind???? I said to him that children and adults learn in different ways. I told him faith was a very important thing to me, and I did take it seriously. I also told him my class was going to start and that he needed to come back and have his discussion with the preacher. There would be an appropriate time and place for his questions, and they would gladly all be answered, but that at the moment we were starting our children's class. "Baca"...good bye. And then I pointed to the door. Aloysia walked him out. They spoke a little bit before he finally left. By this time two more little girls were there. Sophia and her sister Mila, members children, had come for class. It was upsetting to Rosa to hear the man speaking loudly and gruffly. I have all the utmost sympathy for his position, but when you are disturbing my children...you better back off. I am grateful for my training at school on how to deal with unruly parents in the class room. He bowed his chest and stepped into me with a loud voice. I stepped in his direction and very calmly and politely invited him to leave. He immediately backed down, and just "wanted to talk". Umhhhh...let me think....NO. This is my classroom and you are here to disturb it not contribute...umhhh...NO! We started class and had a good lesson on the life of Joseph. The girls were making the many colored coat of Joseph when a young boy, Misha, arrived with his mother. We only had 30 minutes left in class, so I had the girls do a review with him. Then questions, with prizes, and a snack, and we called it a day. Class and snack were over about 12:30. I assumed that Misha was someone that the church knew or had invited personally. I was wrong. Misha saw someone he knew with a children's Bible and he wanted one. They told him where to get it and showed him the invitation. They showed up and were very happy to be there. He was a good student. We gave him his own Bible, and invited him for tomorrow. Thank you EEM for sending the Bible's. We have passed out so many of them, and we still have more to give away. It thrills me to see their faces when they get the children's version with beautiful color pictures. Or the older people to get the large print and be able to read it themselves! What joy that brings...agian...thank you EEM and all those who support you!

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