Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm disappointed, but leaning not on my own understanding...

We got back to hear that the school principal had cancelled our plans to visit one of the schools. I was very disappointed, but, this is Ukraine and they have their own way about things. It was a good time to regroup and rest after the train ride home.

I had some time to shop for items that were asked for, and we would have Ladies Class that night, too. I actually got to go to the class by my self today. I let Rita, my interpreter go home. She was tired and there was a couple of hours before class...I assured her that I would be fine by myself...

When it was time to leave the flat, Jayne was not home yet, so I just left. I knew my van number was 53...I just walked out to the street and stuck out my hand when 53 came by...just like a regular Ukrainian...I got on...paid my fair and sat right behind the driver. I couldn't remember the name of my stop, so I would have to be VERY close in order to stop him in time for me to get off.

When it was my time to say "stop bajshalsta" some one else needed off at the same stop so I didn't have to say anything! I was a little relieved, I'm not sure my Russian is enough to get him to stop! (but probably I could have communicated "I'm getting off of this van right here!")

Our class was very good. We had 17 ladies attend, and we shared laughs, tears, and stories as well as tea. I do love these ladies SO! We got out of class and on our way home around 8-ish. The trip home was an knew it would be!

Rita, Tanya and I walked some of the older ladies to the van stop and then rode with them to their stops. They were hilarious. I picture Jackie, Karen, Sharon, Kathy and Elise doing much the same. There were loud discussions, opinions, and scolding each other on "correct" ways. Old Helen is so much like a Russian Jackie I have to laugh. She is teasing, laughing, acting crazy, and just a hoot! I laughed at their antics and thought of my sisters at home...I hope we still love each other this much when we get old...older!

Helen is in her late seventies, Antanina is also, Nadeshda is 86! 86! She still uses public transportation, does her own shopping, and goes everywhere by herself! She is something else! When she goes to heaven I'm gonna miss her a lot!

Got to go for now...I'm thinking of all my sisters right now...ALL of you!

love you much,

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