Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monday, Monday...

This morning we got an early start and it was a good thing! One of the girls from the Dawn who has finished school and is now looking for work hooked us up with her boyfriend. He has a small car and we needed immediate and reliable transportation for this day to work.

Julia gladly asked Sasha for his help and he was very gracious to help us. We had to go to the Metro (Ukraines version of Sam's Club)and purchase some diapers, soap, socks, and a small washing machine for the boys to use on socks and underwear. They are not very good at making sure everything is cleaned just so...girls I think are much better at that! Anyway, it was a small washer, much like a bucket that has an agitater in it! (any of you trying to make any analogies about agitation should just STOP right now!!)

Any way...we bought the things that we needed and added them to some things we already had for the girls and went over to the Dawn right away. We had some school supplies, and some craft stuff for their pictures, and some time to visit with them. It was a good time for me. They are so much like American teens...and in such a difficult situation...they are so unlike American teens! Some days I am amazed at their tenacity in the face of all they encounter!

After the Dawn, we made it across to the Left Bank and saw Tamara, the head nurse, from Hospital #5. We were able to supply them with soap, paper towels (they have new, much needed, sanitation rules)to replace their cloth towels, and diapers. We have more things that we have to add to their list before I go, but that will come another day. She was so glad to see us and it was a time to renew an old friendship.

After the hospital, thank you to Sasha, we had to a chance to visit the Baby House. (at the hospital, the babies were sleepinh, but we did get a few pictures, they were asleep at the Baby House as well)We got to talk to the nurses because the babies were sleeping. It was a time to share why I do the things that I do, and some differences from US. One baby, Artiom (Tom), woke up and entertained us all for awhile. Rita went to the principle and tried to get the necessary papers...of course she was not available today so Rita will have to go another day. This is Ukraine and things do not hardly ever go as planned.

We did manage to get all three things I wanted to do today DONE...but...I would have liked to have held the babies...done more with the girls...I guess I just have to be happy with what IS and not fret over what IS NOT!

We were taken to the train by Sasha later in the evening. I am ready to have a day of rest and a visit to Sophia Park.

I love you all very much...

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  1. God bless Sasha a hundred fold, for his loving kindness and Julia for her boldness to ask. Keep Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Jackie and her group and all those they are in contact with.

    We Praise and Thank You in Your sweet name, Jesus!