Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday is a good day to SHOP...

Got up this morning to oatmeal! I love oatmeal! Other mornings I have had fish, various "porridge" dishes, borscht (soup), cutlets (chicken fried steak-ish)...I can't remember what all else. Jane doesn't think any one over 30 should drink we don't have cereal...and I'm not sure I would drink milk over here so it is really a mute point any way. Any ways...(a Karye-ism) I enjoyed the oatmeal.

Rita came at 10:30 and we started our day. I had to pick up a few more things for my family, some things for the hospital, and some stuff for the orphanage. So we had a full day of shopping to do! Everything was available and we got it all done.

While we were downtown I saw a wonderful sight. It is the "closing" of the season for motorcycles this weekend. There was a parade, of sorts, of bikes thru out the town. We were down town and they stopped traffic for 20 minutes. I saw one biker "explain", after getting off of his bike, just why it was that the guys car could not join in the line of bikes! It was very cool! There were all kinds from Harley's to scooters! I laughed and waved at them all!

After we left downtown, we had a few more stops then headed for the orphanage. We spent some time with the girls doing crafts and sharing. They did some stuff for me that I am really proud to show you all when I get home. I know that you will be just as impressed as I was! Afterwards, stopped off at Rita's place. Then home later!

It is late and I have to get back to my flat! I love you so very much.


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  1. Mmmm....Oatmeal!! I enjoyed catching up with your blog tonight. I'm praying for you and your safe return home. Love you!!