Thursday, September 29, 2016

Porky neck meat...and other such stuff

It is always interesting to read menus that are translated from another language into English. I'm not always sure what it is I am ordering, so I try my best to figure it out ahead of time so I am not surprised when I get something completely different than what I anticipated getting! On Wednesday morning we had ladies class. There were 12 women who came to class including me. I was expecting around 4-6, so it was a very pleasant surprise for there to be 11! Our youngest was 18, and it went up in age into the 80's. The group was diverse in age and in circumstance, but all had the same desire to study God's word together. The lesson text was from Psalm 23, in English, and Psalm 22 in Russian. Don't ask. I don't know which Psalm got left out or was "out of order" according to the English translation. We worked it out! The first time, several years ago, the class was very confused when I started reading in 23 and they couldn't find any of the same verses. Now, I am used to it. Maybe I will ask Sasha where the change came from. The story in Psalm 23/22 is about how much the Lord cares for His people, all people, in every situation. Whether in Texas or Ukraine, we all have similar problems and are cared for by Him. Even though our countries are so different, our ladies were very much the same. The lesson brought smiles and tears. It is hard to understand a "caring" God when you are personally in such pain over loss or hardships! At least two of the woman have lost husbands, and sons. Why? One has a daughter in prison. Why? Many of them were widows, many are in situations where their grown children are back at home and without jobs. Why? Some are helping raise grandchildren. Why? Some of them have grandchildren that abused them. Why? We expect to live our lives...raise our kids...keep serving God...and for good things to come to us because we serve God. Then REAL life happens! Job losses...loss of a beloved spouse...loss of a child or grandchild...loss of our home...government changes that are not the best...wars...corruption...inflation...low wages... Does it rain only on the good? How can that criminal continue to prosper all the while the believer lives in desperate situations? It isn't fair that I should lose my husband AND my son! It isn't fair... One answer from a sweet, godly lady, Raisa said it all. We have trials because we live in a fallen world. I have no answers...I just continue to have faith in the One who created the world and will one day take me home to live with Him forever. It was a good lesson and much more was discussed and thought about...then...we had a wonderful chance to just fellowship over a meal! This is where Porky neck meat comes in...I know you were wondering! We went to Melrose to enjoy a luncheon together. It is an American style cafe that also serves Italian, Japanese, and Mexican (fairly decent I might add) food. It also has a nice "Happy Hour" where they are happy to give the lunch bunch a 25% discount on food and beverages. You know me...I'm all about the coupon or % off on a it was very nice. I ordered a Louisiana Salad, I was expecting spicy but it isn't, so I am not sure why "Louisiana" is in the name. The ladies ordered what ever they wanted to eat, drink and have for dessert. It was a joy watching them look, talk about, change their mind about, and finally decide what they wanted to eat. Some of the items were listed as "Texas" steaks. I was tempted, but resisted the temptation and ordered salad. One of the items was "Porky neck meat" and the picture looked like a piece of meat, assumed it was pork, but I was looking for the "neck" part. (think chicken or turkey neck meat) Rita ordered it so I was glad to get to look at it and taste it. It was actually very tasty! We sat and visited and we had to discuss what everyone got to eat and if it was what they really wanted or not... We also got to discuss that "Jackie isn't eating enough" and "Jackie needs more rest"! What would I do if I didn't have all of my sweet sisters taking such good care of me! I am grateful to God that you are all my sisters, and that you care for me SO much! Next time...I think I'm gonna order the Porky neck meat myself!

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