Monday, September 26, 2016

The Kissy Lady

Awwwhhh...sweet Antonina! You are so dear to me, and I grieve for you this day, and many others to come as well. I walked over to your flat this afternoon and had a chance to visit with you for about an hour. It was lovely seeing your sweet face, even with the grief etched so deeply around your mouth, and your smile just not quite making it to your eyes. You have greeted me with lipsticky kisses and that joyous look of surprise that said "You made it again?" for so many years. I've come to expect it, to need it, to cherish it. Today, I saw pain and fear engraved on your sweet face. Pain at the loss of your son...fear of what the future holds. I cannot change either of those circumstances for you, but I know the Father loves you very much and holds you in His hand! At almost 85, the loss of your 64 year old son came as quite a blow. The stroke that eventually took his life, changed yours forever. He lived with you after losing his wife, he helped you, was a companion to you, and took such great care of you. Your grief stricken cries were not missed by the Father or by those that love you. I know you will "make it", I know you will "be all right", I know you will be able to "take care of yourself"...I just hate that you will be doing it without him. Death is cruel, but you are strong. You have the Lord walking with you! Don't give up...don't despair...hold tight to His hand and to those in the church. Be strong enough to tell someone what you really need...let them help you! I will be here for a bit, and I will do my best to give you comfort and to listen every time you want to tell and retell his story. It is what I can do. Tell me again, about your son. Tell me until you don't need to tell his story any more.

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