Sunday, September 25, 2016

Try this Again!

I have to tell you that I began this blog on Friday evening shortly after I arrived in Dneper. It was right about time for me to go to bed. I started this journey with a little over 2 hours sleep on Thursday morning. I know, stupid! My mind would not shut down, and I could not I was up till almost time to leave for the airport! I managed to carry 4 large bags...actually 2 footlocker like boxes, and two large suitcases. The weight limit is 50 lbs and everyone of them was over 49 lbs but not at 50 lbs. The porter, who was worth every penny that I tipped him, couldn't believe that not one bag was over, not even by percentage points of the 50 lbs! I will say, it was a good thing that they did not weigh my backpack! It was a least a hundred pounds by itself! I know...I carried the silly thing all the way! We got out of DFW pretty much on time. The security wasn't too bad, not like the almost strip search I had last time, and the lines were actually not too bad either. It did take me three little gray boxes to get all of the stuff thru the x-ray machine! The people behind me were rolling their eyes, and snorting little puffs of discontent with being behind was not my fault that the airport had one x-ray machine down, and some of the slowest people I have ever been around doing the looky loo through the bags! I had the shoes off, the computer out, the CPAP machine pulled out, the liquids bag, the backpack, the roller carry on....the kitchen sink! We made it! The flight was easy, but Chicago is not my favorite airport. Have I said I don't like O'Hare yet? After arrival, I got conflicting details on where I had to go to get to the International Terminal...three airport employees...some of them United Airlines people. Did I say I really, strongly, don't like O'Hare! A very nice passenger on his way to the remote parking terminal finally got me pointed in the right direction. I had to leave one terminal and go thru heard me right...go thru security AGAIN!!! The water I bought at Terminal 1 was suddenly now a terrorist bomb liquid that would nuke half the city! So...I had to throw it away! Not really, I could have slurped it down in front of the TSA agent...but then I would have to go thru security...AGAIN! The cattle call to the airplane were about what I expected. Everyone was in a hurry, and wanted to be first in line. We made spite of all the rude, ignorant people who actually ride on planes a lot! It's a plane ride people...the first hundred people in line Do.Not.Get.a toaster oven when they check in! The ride was smooth...terrible food...cramped space in the cattle call section of the plane...two good movies...good seat mates...what more could you ask? Well I can think of a couple...js! Falling asleep again so I must go for now! Love you all...see you when this adventure is over! when

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