Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fly the friendly skies...

Getting thru security wasn't a big deal, but I did finally realize we were REALLY on our way! What a relief that was. Finding the big deal! We did realize that we were on a smaller than I expected airplane and would have to gate check our bags, but as long as it was FREE I don't care. Finally we are in the plane and ready to go. I have to tell you I dread Dulles airport more than most I have been thru. It seems that try their best to find the most sullen, lazy people available to drive those horrible contraptions called "people movers". It doesn't make it easy to transition from national to international terminals at all. So I, once again, prepared the Anderssen family to expect a miserable experience. Since we are rarely on time into Dulles, I wasn't sure we would have time to grab a meal there We landed...on off at a completely different gate than I expected...then made a few twists and turns to get into the terminal. I was looking for the signs to the people movers when I realized all of the signs were saying to go a certain way to get to the gate that we needed. I quickly told them this was entirely new for me as well, so all we could do was learn together. I have rarely been so pleased at an unexpected turn of events in my life. [I will put in here...THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS...they are working] Not only were we NOT going to have to suffer thru the people movers, but the long awaited, boon-doggle expected, new tram/train system was up and moving well! I just had my mouth open in shock and surprise (not enough for shock and awe). I kept telling Sharon "WOW", "I can't believe this", etc. It was a very fast, smooth, and on time ride. Dulles Airport, you are no longer on my "groan...I've got to fly thru Dulles" list. It was fabulous. And because we were actually a few minutes early, we DID have time to grab something to eat after all. Our Austrian Air gate was beautiful, it was in a different area, and we just happened to find a Chipotle to grab something worth while to eat! It seemed like everything was coming up roses...and most of the time the roses are coming up is because of the fertilizer used on we did run into a little mess while we were there. It seems that Austrian Air made the size of the box to fit your "carry on" luggage in just a little bit smaller than it used to be. (at least that is what I overheard the person at the desk explain as to how the gentlmens suitcase 'suddenly' didn't fit) I KNEW that mine was not going to fit either, sure enough it didn't. As we were standing in line we got to overhear a whole other group of people traveling together's woes. Their luggage was not in the computer, due to a glitch by airline staff, it was not checked thru to their final destination, and it would have to be picked up in Vienna if it did not make it thru. The big problem was that the people would already be in Spain by then and could not pick it up in Vienna. It was a difficult situation, but I thought the lady handling it could probably teach the United staff some lessons in customer service! Back to OUR story...Sharon and Bennett did not have boarding passes so we were going to have to get them some so waiting in line was unavoidable. Finally another person walked up and was able to help us get our things all taken care of. It ended up that she was able to get us all three in the same row, I've NEVER had that happen in all of the years of me going. She got us all together on all legs of our journey...I was thrilled! We did end up moving stuff around so that they could check our carry on bags thru to Dneper...for FREE...which was a great thing! Poor Bennett got to carry some of our stuff and some of his was stuffed in our check bags. Since ALL of my clothes were in that bag, I did grab a pair of unmentionables so if necessary I would have SOMETHING clean to change into! Then we just waited...It really wasn't long before we were boarding and getting settled. Because of your prayers the family with 5 rowdy children were at the back of the plane many, many rows from us, and we actually got a steward with a sense of humor that took care of us. The plane ride wasn't THAT long...but then again I am not over 6 feet and trying to stuff my legs into an area a 5 foot tall person would have trouble using. Thank you for not complaining! I guess we will talk to you on the Vienna end of this trip...till the next adventure.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you are starting off strong. So glad that Sharon and Bennett are going through it with you. May all your days be smooth enough to maximize your mission and eventful enough to maximize our enjoyment of your blog posts!