Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At last...

Already I am experiencing difficulties with keyboard interface with the Ipad. There are some glitches that need to be worked out.That will be for another day....just letting you know the blog might have some issues that I cannot fix and it may have things that are not what I would like to put up, but rather than scrap the whole post I will leave them in! That being said... The adventure began before I ever stepped foot in the airport in Dallas. Ukraine is experiencing conflict even as we speak. I was not sure that I would be allowed in the country even as I cleared security at DFW airport. This has been a faith walk for me from the start. You see (no pun intended)I am a walk by sight and not by faith kind of girl. I know that is totally backwards to what Jesus taught. The problem has been that I didn't think that I was that kind of girl. I trusted God...I believed that He was in control...I "knew" He had my back... Then why did I keep checking the status of my flight, impulsively, OCD'ish, trying to figure out what the next step was? Why did I not just leave it up God what the outcome would be. If I leave for Ukraine...praise God...if I am stuck in Dallas...praise God! Why was I trying to manipulate what I would do...when I would do it...how I would do it...you get my drift! As my shoulders scrunched up with anxiety...and my neck tightened up...I had to remind myself of certain things. This trip is in the hands of God. It is His will that I am trying to follow. I had to remind myself that I asked God for certain things...an open door if you will...to give me clarity on going or staying. Matt Langford prayed one time that God would open the doors that needed to be opened and close the doors that needed to be closed and that I would have discernment between the two. If I believe that...why am I incessantly checking and trying to see the future? Before you leave for the airport make sure you have a flight...then get in your car and go! I looked on line...called Austrian Air (which did not answer)...called United Airlines...tried to get ahold of the travel people...called the airport... Finally I said "STOP". Leave this to God, He will let you know what you need to know. After I cleared airport security I got a text from Rita. Oksana, who worked for Austrian Air in the past, found out through her contacts that the planes would fly into Dnepropetrosk for the first since Malaysian Air went down near Donetsk. Go figure...God really does have this! The trip wasn't trouble free, I got stuck in Dallas, missed my connecting flight to Vienna, had to spend the night near the airport...God took care of that as well. I don't always purchase insurance, but this trip I felt like it was more necessary than usual. The insurance will take care of my hotel and extra food expenses. I was where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there. I believe that. I have so many supporters that have held me up in prayer, given me funds, given me donations of goods, and said words of encouragement to me. I know that so many of you were conflicted this year. I appreciate your discomfort with the situation. It is a trip that was much prayed about long before it became a reality. It was not spur of the moment, it was not taken out of a misguided need to come because I always have before! It is not pennance for my sins, trying to make up for my faults, or a way to make me "good enough" in His sight to be considered for a place in heaven. Jesus paid that price for me...His blood covers my transgressions...I don't need to do mission work to cover that tab. It is paid in full because of the love of God and nothing I have done to "earn" it. I know that some of you were/are afraid for me. I know that some are angry with me. I know that some of you totally don't get this whole thing...why Ukraine...why now? I beg you to not live in fear...give that fear to Jesus...walk with me in faith as I struggle each day. Please forgive me if I have offended or hurt you...it was unintentional. Our brothers and sisters here need to see us...hear us...feel us in their midst with our support and love for Jesus and them. I am not brave...I am not strong...I am not special...I'm just trying to be a Jesus girl...I'm just on a journey with Him. I am doing what I think He wants me to do. I am trying to walk by faith and not by sight. He said "Go into all the world"...I am telling Him "here am I send me". I thank each and every one of you for your love and support. Please don't stop praying for me and the people of this beautiful country. I will see you very soon, Lord willing.

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  1. Love you Jackie and your willingness to serve our brothers and sisters in Ukraine at a time when they so deseparately need encouragement! Praising God for the blessings He will provide on this adventure!