Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flying is for the Birds!

I haven't flown that much in my life, and I have only been really scared a couple of times. Well, one of those times was flying into D.C. on Thursday. Maybe it's just me, but did that plane shake a lot more and make even weirder sounds than usual? Popping...growling...growning...loud engine noises...do I have life insurance...is my bathroom clean? The guy caddy corner from me more than once assured his wife "it's supposed to sound that way". But, I saw his EYES. That did not look like an "it's supposed to sound that way" look to me! It was more like a "does my brother know my passwords to my Fantasy Football team...and will he mess my team up?" kind of look for sure! When we were descending into the airport airspace, ready for a landing, suddenly we made a rather sharp right turn and straight up (well it seemed like it was straight up, there is probably a huge margin of error with my aeronautic abilities to tell direction when trying not to wear that plastic cup of orange juice) Then, of course, Chuckles the Pilot comes on the intercom and explains "I'm sure you noticed that we seem to be making a right turn...just a little air traffic control adjustments...seems like we are a little two close to another airliner's air space...no problem, we'll just make another circle and be landing in approximately 15 minutes. Thank you for your patience and thank you for flying ****** Airlines." As for me...I'm in no hurry...my plane left D.C. and hour ago! Speaking of a hurry...waiting 30 minutes outside the terminal for the luggage guys to take my carry-on out of the cargo hold was easy-peasy. It was when he tried to give me random pieces of luggage, (yes, he had the claim ticket in his hand) and then after I refused to take them, he asked me "are you sure this one isn't yours?". I finally told him, "If there is money in that one, I'll take it...otherwise I want the small grape colored one." I think that he finally got the hint! After waiting literally 30 minutes, I was clock watching, I got inside to find the line to reschedule your flight was right at an hour and a half...until two of the workers had to go on "30 minute breaks" at almost the same time. To say that the "natives were restless" was an understatement! We were all tired, stressed, wondering about where to stay for the night, frantically making calls to inform those waiting on us...when Tweedle Dee packs up his stuff just as I was approaching him with ticket in hand and says "I'll be right back..." Famous last words. Oh well, the next attendant was almost finished...just a few minutes and she could help me... Until SHE began to pack up her stuff and prepare for her "30 minute break". At least she was honest when she told a time frame! There were about 30 people in line still needing connecting flights and help with hotels, etc. Not very many happy campers left! They did have the good sense to call in the riot police...I mean two other attendants who would be here "in just a moment". You guessed it, apparantly no one at this airline can tell time! It all worked out...I got into my hotel about 10:30 after, wisely, choosing the certainty of airport food, over the uncertainty of hotel restaurants being open this late. Good decision! And to my delight, I had two FB replies to my adventure with offers of lodging/food/whatever I need if I am ever stuck in D.C. again. Thank you Andy Pierce and Michelle Neveu Pimentel, your parents are blessed by your kindness and generosity in times of trouble. I knew that Andy and Ann were fairly close, but the fact that they have a very small baby to care for influenced me not to bother them, I should have, your offer was extremely kind and made my day. When I saw the reply, I remembered that Ben and Michelle lived somewhere near D.C. but really had no idea they were close enough to extend such a kind offer. The fact that they have a very young child would probably have influenced my reply to you as well, Michelle. I won't let it stop me from giving you a call next time to see what's up (if you guys are not stationed in Timbucktoo by then). People are prone to say "call me any time you need anything" never expecting anyone to take them up on the offer. I believe these two young couples made a real offer, and meant every word. You may never know how much that meant to me to have your kindness during a pretty stressfull time! Another young lady, Sarah Moore McCutchen (I hope I did not butcher your last name, Sarah), helped me get pre-flight insurance. Sarah...that was one of the best uses of $107 I can think of in a long time! They will now take on the responsibility of my hotel and meals, courtesy of "air traffic controller/weather problems". You all make Jesus proud of how you are reaching out and showing His love thru your actions! I am proud to know you and call you friend as well! Till next time!

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  1. Have to believe it was the power of prayer that landed that flight to DC safely! :)