Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mexican Food Ukrainian Style

I have to first state that this post is late in my trip. I will get on the internet again soon and catch up on the beginning of my that have followed me on FB know the trouble I have had with wifi....agggghhhh! on this fine Sunday afternoon we will discuss Mexican Food in Ukraine. Specifically at Melrose. Melrose is a restaurant fairly near my flat that is "American/Japanese/Mexican/Italian" foods. I can only comment on the alleged Mexican food. We ordered: quesadilla's, nachos, tacos, and burritos. Also chips and hot sauce. Being from Texas I am somewhat of a foodie where Mexican food is concerned. Well...the chips were corn chips much like Doritos Nacho Cheese variety. The hot sauce came in a teeny tiny little sauce cup...weeellll...being from Texas...that was a little bit of a surprise that they gave such a small amount of sauce...but... The lime on the side of the sauce made it much better. It did have a baby nip to it, Rick would have hated it, it had too much tomato flavor. Almost like tomato paste flavor, but not quite. The tacos were decent. They actually had corn torilla's in the taco shape. The put quacamole and pico de gallo on the tacos. I just happen to know how to make both of those...and...if I do say so myself...mine is much better. The quac has either sour cream or mayonaise in it. So, what else can I say about that? The pico has almost no onion, no cilantro, and the peppers are banana peppers so they are sweet. Not too bad...but refer to the third sentence in this paragraph. The burrito's were made with grilled meat, very tasty, and sour cream, 2 kinds of cheese, candied onions, bacon, pico (see above paragraph) rolled up in Armenian lavage, pretty close to a tortilla. All in all...very tasty. The quesadilla's were fabulous. They were actually cooked in a tortilla shaped piece of lavage. Very good quality tortilla. The meat was grilled, they added sour cream, quacamole, pico and cheese. I prefer mine cooked a little more, but these were delicious. Now the nachos...well...they tried, but I'm not sure where they got their recipe. They came out in a bowl. Chips with unmelted cheese sprinkled on top. There was sour cream, pico, and quac on the side of the bowl. And they had some salsa that Rick would have HATED. It actually was catsup mixed with I don't know what to make a salsa consistency. It was awful! I did not even try them, I had eaten some of those same chips earlier so felt no need to explore the "nachos". All in all Melrose gets a 5 for their Mexican food. I do remember this is Ukraine...and in all fairness...there are many Mexican restaurants in Texas that would not get much higher than a 5 in my Mexican food meter. So, come on over to Ukraine and try the Mexican food at the Melrose Cafe!

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  1. I'll think I'll stick to Mexican food here....I'm thinking Mexicali sounds really good right now! Lol!