Friday, August 23, 2013

On a Tight Schedule

This schedule I am on is worthy of a CEO of some big company...or perhaps a really cool star in the entertainment business...or a high ranking political official... Before I get too far ahead of myself...Rita is a heavy task master. She is such a planning kind of person that I get calls and then re-calls to remind me of the call about my schedule. She is wonderful and I love her...but...I would definately NOT want her job. She feels totally responsible for my every move...and that is a LOT of responsibility to shoulder. She is a tiny lady with little bitty tiny feet...I'm not sure how she walks on them. But...don't cross her about the schedule. She knows exactly where I am supposed to be and when and with whom! Do not let her size or sweet face fool you. She is a pit bull in lipstick when it comes to taking care of me. I really appreciate that a lot. She makes sure that I have water, good food, and most of all good bathrooms. I don't think much about "good" bathrooms till I am here. Then it becomes very important in all kinds of ways! She has a calendar that has every day and that days activities. It is a living, breathing, evolving thing. Here nothing is set in stone until you are there and the other person shows up as well. So, maybe they will SAY come here or there at such and such a time...but until you see their face it is all up in the air. So having that to deal with as well as different people here needing different things on different days...she is amazing and I deeply love her. It is now time to leave my "for sure" wifi and go to the church building for the Friday night Prayer Meeting. I look forward to sharing with all those who show up. It is a sweet time of fellowship and going to the Father. So, good day Anton, my new friend. Good by Constantine provider of the wifi and delicious food. Till I have wifi again!

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