Sunday, August 30, 2009

Second Saturday...and all is well...

This morning I spent resting, then Rita and I went downtown and shopped for my family gifts. It was a very relaxed morning. In the afternoon I met with Nastya, the young woman who teaches the ladies class here. We met at a coffee shop and had a very good conversation over tea and coffee.

She is a delightful young woman and we had a lot to talk about. She is currently one of the ladies who believe that you should cover your head in worship or prayer. We had a very good conversation about the trials that are currently going on at this congregation, and also a deep discussion on I Cor. 11. She is not in favor of "requiring" it of all ladies, but she does think it is necessary for her. We spent about 2 1/2 hours all together discussing the subject of submission, Men's Council, head covering, teaching ladies, etc. I think it was productive and we left after a prayer together.

We left that meeting to go greet Vasily's family. He is the young man who is being home schooled here, I mentioned him last year. He is so talented, and his English has improved 100% from last year. He is delightful, although a tad rude, and I enjoyed this visit very much. He videoed us singing a duet from My Fair Lady, Wouldn't It Be Loverly, so there is no telling...I may be a UTube star by the time I get home!!

His father came home before we left and we had a good discussion over tea. He is a very interesting person to talk to. He lived during the Cold War (he is in his 60's) so he has a very different and REAL perspective on things. By the time we left, I was getting very hungry.

We stopped off a TGIFridays for some soup, they sent me a complimentary sample of quacamole. They had listened to my complaint about it from a day ago, and had fixed the problem. The sample was...well...YOU know it wasn't as good as mine...but it was decent!

I had a great discussion with Rita before we left. We shared together for about 2 hours what the Word has to say about relationships. It was intense, but we SO love each other that we can say hard things to each other and it not hurt our ability to share! I really appreciate that about her!

It was late when I got home and I was ready for bed when I realized that I hadn't made any arrangements for Sunday morning to Skype the congregation. So I got on the cell phone I have here and tried to call several people. Some of you have the feature where you don't accept "unknown" know who you my call to you did NOT go thru! Others of you were BUSY on didn't expect a call from Ukraine?? I called Sharon Andersen on her cell and there was no answer. Then I called several others with no one at home. When I made a last attempt to reach Sharon the phone was answered.

When I heard the sound of preaching on the phone I said "I know where you guys are..." and I almost hung up! They were at Stream listening to Jeff Walling! (I am still jealous by the way)That is when I heard a very small voice say "who is this?", I, of course, answered "it's me, Jackie". Sharon thought maybe I was in trouble so she went out of the service to answer my call. (By the way, I apologize for the interuption of your sermon) She was glad to hear that I was doing okay, just needed some information!

When I finally got off the phone with her, it was very late here, after midnight and I was once again ready for bed! Tomorrow would be another day!

I love you all...

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