Friday, August 28, 2009

Wednesday...all ready been gone a week!

I am enjoying my time here so much. I remember just how much I love this city, and these people when I am walking their streets and greeting them at their homes and at the church building! I do miss my brothers and sisters at home...and know that I will be on my way home very soon!

We went to the Dawn orphanage and saw the girls today. I also saw the boys teacher for just a few minutes. They are feeling much neglected because we are working with the girls so much. The boys have presented problems in the past with terrible behavior that precluded me from helping them much. Now maybe I can restore that relationship with them??

Anywho...we saw the girls and took lots of pictures and visited with them. They are growing up SO much...soon they will be young woman! There are 19 girls on their floor, 9 of them are in the older group. That is less than before, so I will have a few bracelets left over, Fayrene, but they will be put to use for birthdays and Christmas presents.

We got a list of things that they need from the teacher and we will go shopping for those items later. (probably tomorrow)There is such great need here, some days I feel like a very small fly on a huge can I make any difference? Then I think about the young ladies that I have watched grow up and make it...and then I think even that small fly is irritating to someone!

After visiting the orphanage, we went to TGIFridays for dinner. Rita doesn't work there at the moment (due to not enough customers) but they know me from last year and were glad to see me. I must say, they have a "chips and salsa" on the menu that is fair...but their guacamole...well...I KNOW what it is supposed to taste like...and that AIN'T it! It was left untouched and they gave me some more salsa (Rick, I know, I's just tomato sauce to you!)instead of the quac. I was happy to have some more sauce...I mean salsa to eat.

I began to feel not right as we were eating. I was a little feverish and my throat and ears started hurting. When I got home I went right to bed and started some antibiotics that I had been given by my doctor. I don't want this to get a hold of me and get me down while I am here. In the States I would tough it out with o.t.c. medicines...but here...not taking any chances!

Tomorrow...we'll see how it goes!

love you guys a lot,

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  1. You are an awesome writer! We met your friend at Draughon Chiropractic and she gave us your blog site -

    When we are reading your blog I can picture the area you are in and see the people you are working with.

    Dear Jesus - touch Jackie's body - sending healing to body now so she can continue sowing the seed and reaping the harvest! We thank you for your loving touch Dear Lord. Amen!

    We hope Jayne is doing well and they found out what was wrong with her.

    You're in our prayers my friend! We love and miss you,

    Eileen & Dan (The Neighbors)