Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday...once again

I told you I was BAD at this...Sunday was erased! So here goes...Sunday again!

After the meeting on Saturday I did not teach the childrens class in the morning, instead I was in the adult worship. Vadim preached and he was VERY good. His smile and gentle way with God's Word were so encouraging and loving. He will make a great preacher where ever he decides to work, hopefully here at Dneper.

After worship the men called for a meeting to discuss some items that needed to be addressed. It was much like one of our town hall meetings on health care...there were heated exchanges and much was loudly discussed. There were those who were quieter than others, and some made no comments at all...

After THAT meeting was over, I was asked to come and meet with the Men's Council by myself. It was a difficult meeting as well. It ended at 4:00 p.m. and its conclusion was that I would be allowed to teach the ladies two times and have one children's class on Saturday only. The hospital and orphanage were different and I could, of course, go to them when ever I chose.

Thank you to those who were praying and still are praying for me!

The rest of the evening is discribed in the Saturday post.

Much love to you all...


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