Monday, August 24, 2009

We begin again....

Well it looks as if I am starting over!!! I am in Ukraine and it is beautiful! The weather is perfect...a cool 25 - 27 degrees centigrade! You will have to figure that out for yourselves because I can't remember how to do it!

It seems that I have "lost" the first account with blogspot and I am now in google blogger or something or other....aggghhhh! You know how I LOVE to have to push more than a couple of buttons in order to get some place...stop laughing Sharon, Rick, and Ben! Any way...I hope to have this address to Rick so he can get it on the list at church.

The beginning of the trip was a little adventurous...what do you expect, Lucy is going to Ukraine and left Ricky at home!! I was dropped off at the correct gate, but the gate number on the departure area had a different place. SOOOOO....I walked about 10 gates to the end to be told I was in the wrong terminal....SOOOOO...I got on the little shuttle thing at the airport and rode to "B" from "E". After getting to "E" I found my gate and waited....for an hour....only to discover after a friendly conversation with the lady next to me that SHE was going to Reagan and I was going to Dulles on the same plane! It doesn't usually work that way...SOOOOO...I found a friendly airline person who informed me that I should be in terminal "E" not "B". By this time it was nearly time to board my flight for D.C. I was only a little worried about catching my flight. SOOOO....I raced down stairs and across to the little shuttle thing again and rode BACK to "E" in order to catch my flight. When I arrived at the terminal I was directed to the very gate I had walked into after the security check! I finally got some answers when I talked to one of the "little old people with cowboy hats" who are ambassadors for guests. She asked if my airline was United...of course you know it was...and she said they only have four gates so their flights don't show up on the regular signs, but only on the one right in front of their gate. SOOO...when I was thinking I was looking at United Airlines I was actually looking at U.S. Airways!

After that the trip was a breeze! They were calling for the boarding of the flight when I rushed up so I wasn't late, but rather just on time! The flight wasn't full so there was plenty of room, and the construction phase at Dulles was completed so the exchange there was perfect as well. When we got on the international flight, it wasn't full either. That put a spare seat between me and the gentleman next to me! WOW...what a difference a seat makes! The little kid behind me was bareable and the movie was stupid...but other than was great!

At Vienna, the flight was on time and not was inedible, but other than was fabulous!

And now, what you've all been waiting for......(drum roll)....the arrival and customs at Dnepropetrovsk!!

A gentleman on the flight helped me fill out the newest form for Ukraine so it was correct and all four of the bags arrived on time (I had to check my carry on in D.C.) so I was anxiously awaiting the customs guys. I know you will believe what happened next because you have ALL been praying for a great trip. I walked over to the customs area and they didn't want me to stop at all...they just waved me thru...I held up 4 fingers and they just waved me thru again. So I pointed to the doors and they waved me to go there and then come back.


Of course my dear sweet sisters Rita, Marina and Jayne met me at the airport and took me home! I have to go for now (computer battery is down and the time is late) so I will write again tomorrow.

KNOW that I love you all!

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