Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Armenian Holiday

What a delightful day Monday was. It started out with a very pleasant visit with Valia. She is an excellent English teacher and has many pupils. Two of those pupils are David and Robert. They are from an Armenian family who live here. (their mother is Ukrainian) They obviously are from a family with more means than most here. The boys both enjoy Karate and Judo and have been to competitions in the States more than once. They were very proud to show me their many trophies and medals.

They were just as eager to show me the books that they had been reading, in English. There was quite an assortment. They reminded me of my twin grandsons. Each trying to talk over the other, and one finishing the sentences of the other when the right English words would not come.

We spoke of how sports can build in them the character that God would want them to have. Good sportsmanship, fairness, compassion, team work. They were very attentive and very polite. They even did a small "show" letting us see their abilities.

Their mother prepared a delicious meal for us, an unexpected pleasure for me. She understands some English and was anxious for us to converse in English as much as possible. They are very open to talking about God and the Bible. Valia gave them an English Childrens Bible which they love to read out of.

When we were leaving, I gave them a craft to make later (thank you Miss Sally), and offered them two pencils. They very politely took one pencil and then said that they should leave the others for other children who might need one.

Yes, sir, very polite and good young men.

till later,

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