Friday, June 17, 2011

To Cool for School...

I have to say...Jane did it!

See Jane? See Jane put new A/C in her flat? Clap Jane, clap!

See Jackie? See Jackie sit under A/C? Cool off, Jackie, cool off!!

While I was away shopping for the Baby House with Rita, Jane had some men come in and put in A/C. It is a very small unit that sits on the wall and has an exterior system to vent out the heat. (I guess, since I am definately NO a/c expert!!) It is very effecient and wonderful to use! One problem!!!! Jane doesn't want me to get too close to the breeze because it is "dangerous". I've tried to explain to her many times, that I live in TEXAS, and it gets HOT in TEXAS! I promise I will be okay if it blows directly on me! I don't think she is convinced! I'll keep trying!

We bought diapers, hand soap, dish soap, and little books for Hospital #1 where Tamara is the Head Nurse. We actually took a taxi to the Left Bank to deliver it since the bag was so heavy. Very fast taxi ride, and it would have been a change of transportation and a long wait for a taxi-van other wise. So the trip was easy.

When we got there, we discovered that they are remodeling and had a fence up where we normally get in, so we had to circle around to find the entrance. Tamara was so happy to see us. We also brought a little cake for the nursing staff since this weekend is "health care appreciation" days. I hope they enjoy it.

They have several orphans there right now. A couple are Down's Syndrome and the parents have signed papers for them to be adopted, or cannot yet be located to sign the papers. There are at least two whose parents don't want them, but on the other hand, don't want them adopted out either. That is very strange to me. Let someone adopt if they want a child, especially if you DON'T want them. One is a very cute little girl, her mother comes by occasionionally to "check up" on the staff to see if they are "treating her right". She does not want the responsibility...but cannot relinguish her rights?? I have a heavy heart for that sweet little girl! The other is a boy whose parents don't want him but just don't sign the papers. That puts him at a severe disadvantage. He will sit in the hospital for up to 2 years...waiting... Doesn't seem fair!

We also had a chance to visit with some other children while we were there. One young man, Slavic, did not want anything we had to offer...not books, bananas, stickers...until Rita brought out the pipe cleaners! His head went up, he moved closer to the other little could see in his eyes...WOW...what is THAT?? He took some extras back to his room to play with. I told him we would be back in a day or so and bring balls and stuff to play with...all I got was a negative shrug...not interested. Guess I will have to bring back more pipe cleaners!

Also had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch and visit with Natasha. What a sweet mother she is. We had some time to talk about so many things...her 4 year old twin girls are visiting their Grandma...I know the was a good lunch and an even better visit.

After finishing a long lunch and fellowship, we had to go to the prayer meeting they were having at the church building. It was very nice. Six people were in attendance. Max came after wards and needed to talk to Dennis Knight, former missionary to the congregation. He and Ludmilla, his wife, will be going out of town Sunday until the 27th of July. I hope to see them there Sunday morning.

Came on home after the meeting and stopped by Daffy to get some things, then walked on to the flat. Guess what? Jane turned the a/c on for me!! HOORAY! Although I would have been just fine without it!!

Tomorrow we are going to the Ukrainian Rodeo...although it might just be the "Horse Theatre" has been called both! Whichever, I am looking forward to being there!

I will let you know how it goes, and if I can get pictures, and IF I can figure out how to post them here, you will all see the rodeo, too.

till later,

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