Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Monday, Monday....what a day this has started out to be. The morning started out overcast, with huge gray clouds that I could just barely see out the large picture size window from my bed on the couch. I thought about just covering my head and not getting up at all!

Next! So if I was going to HAVE to get up anyway, I might as well get up with a good attitude. Getting showered, getting my clothes together and finding all of the stuff that I didn't want to have to come back and get was fairly easy. It was cool, but not cold, and the rain had stopped completely.

Of course, Mother Jane was not satisfied with the thought that the rain had stopped, perhaps I might get a chill and would need a jacket...or it might start to rain again?? I replied that I didn't have a jacket or an umbrella so...of course you know that was not good enough for Mama J! She found a light jacket in her wardrobe and brought it to me. I looked at it...it looked vaguely familiar...it WAS my jacket from last year...you know KW, the one I have been looking for ALL year?? There it was...provided by God for just such a purpose as was needed now!

Well, I must add, the wind was considerably cooler when I stepped out of the flat, and it DID look like rain might start again any time. I was grateful for the added protection of a hood.

As we walked away from the building it began to rain. By the time we were around the corner on the street where we catch vans it was pouring! Needless to say, my little light jacket was not holding up under the downpour.

It didn't take me long to suggest that we not walk the mile to Larissa and Dima's house but instead take a taxi. We only had to wait a few minutes for one to arrive, and were able to wait under a tent outside the Pizza Cafe.

Arriving at Dima's and Larissa's house I got a VERY pleasant surprise. Masha had come for the long weekend from Kiev. She had heard that I would be here and found a train ticket to see her family. I am so glad she did!

We had a very good lunch of grilled meat, potatoes, salad and bread. They also have a mulberry tree near their front door and we had fresh mulberries from it as well as fresh apricots from their tree in the back yard.

Now when I say they have a mulberry tree, you have to understand it is obviously a Mutant Mulberry Variety! I am not kidding when I say those berries were 1 - 2 inches in size! They are HUGE...and SO sweet...wow! I think the purple fingers are SO worth the taste of the berries! I took a picture of them so I DO have proof of how humongous these things are!

After a long visit after lunch, they had to go and do some planning on the repair of their kitchen. I hated to go, but we all had things to do.

Jane wasn't home, so Rita dropped me off at my place and went on to her home. I just stayed in the flat and rested. I am exhausted from getting up and going from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. I was ready to prop my feet up and relax. No Rita...no Jane...no tv...no cat...well the cat was still here...but nothing else. It was very calming!

So...ready for another full day on Tuesday!

till later,

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