Friday, June 17, 2011

What's for breakfast? Gizzards, of course!

Yes, that's right, gizzards. They are SO delicious! Jane remembered how much I love gizzards, so she bought some and fixed them for me...for breakfast! With buckwheat, tomatoes, and cucumers! Yummy! Her buckwheat is better than some others I have tasted, and it is better with meat! Jane is doing her best to keep me healthy so I am getting whole grains (buckwheat) and lots of veggies (tomatoes and cucumbers) and fresh bread! And to top it off with GIZZARDS....couldn't get any better! BTH she boils them and then pan fries them with onions and fresh garlic. YUMMO!!

I forgot to tell you something very funny that happened when I was having lunch with Natasha. We went to an Italian place so I kind of knew the food would be pasta and pizza. How can you mess that up?

Well...I looked at the pictures...and looked again...was that French Fries on that pizza? Or broccoli? That couldn't be catsup and corn, could it? Yep...fries, broccoli (plus green beans and corn), and catsup (yuck) with had to take a picture, I just didn't think anyone would believe it if I just told them!

I can't wait for all of the culinary surprises that will come from the Rodeo tomorrow! I will let you know...

until then,

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