Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Tuesday, this must be Ladies Bible Class day!

It is Tuesday, so I felt right at home having Ladies Bible Class. We started off with about 6 or 7 ladies, and ended up with 13. I was so thrilled to have a table full of ladies that wanted to study and be together. We had a time of fellowship and study. It was in I Timothy (some of you ladies may be feeling a little dejavu about now) where Paul is telling Timothy that he is the worst among sinners.

Our point of the lesson was to encourage each other with the thought that if Paul could be forgiven, and he was the chief among sinners, than so could I. And that God would be glorified in the process.

During the lesson two different ladies were standing out to me. One is a struggling alcoholic who is barely sober, and the other was a young mother, who just had "that look" in her eyes.

The question was posed to them all "What are you thankful that God has done for you?". They were asked to answer it specifically, no "God" or "Jesus" answers that we get in VBS would be accepted. I wanted them to THINK about it and answer specifically.

The young mother had a teary look early in the lesson, but answered right away. The other lady passed her turn and wanted to answer a little later. Knowing her history a little, I knew that she was struggling with sobriety during adversity. The question came back to her and she admitted that she was thankful that God saved her "after all that she had done to herself with her bad decisions".

After a little more class time, and much discussion, I think that this lady finally understood, that no matter WHO you are, you have made bad decisions in your life. And that sometimes thru no fault of you own, think of Job here, bad things just happen. And that it doesn't matter which place you are SHOULD be grateful to God for saving you!

I think I saw a little light go on behind her eyes. "Maybe...just maybe...I am worthy of Jesus saving blood". Not because of who I am, but because of Who He is! I hope that light stays will make sobriety a tinsy, tiny bit easier.

The young mother caught me in the kitchen after class was over. She explained that she knew I gave that lesson specifically for her. She told me of the previous two days...very HARD days...and how the Word of God spoke to her and she was encouraged by being in class! She could do whatever it took to keep going.

THAT is why I come here...that is why I can't NOT come here!!

till later,

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