Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I don't think I have ever seen my friend, and sister in Christ, ever be speechless. But I know that it happened...well at least once...a long, long time ago!

The year was 1993. Americans had been coming since 1991, and the local people were interpreting for them. (mostly teachers of English)There were two teachers who worked in the same school and one was doing some interpreting. She invited the other to do the same. The invitation was to work during the summer, while they were off, make some money, practice English, get a foot in the door to get the picture.

The second teacher was very unsure of the situation and had to be persuaded. Finally, she agreed to do it, and THE DAY had arrived. The Americans would be arriving on the train, the interpreters were to meet them at the station, get their assigned person, and spend time with them before they began their "real" job on Monday.

There was a list of names, it stated the name and indicated a little about the person who was coming, so they tried to match up similar people with similar interests, etc. They had no idea of who the American person was...just a name on a list.

When the train arrived, the second teacher froze. Her voice would not come out. She was introduced to "her" American...and she was frozen!

Sally Clark, meet your interpreter, Jane Ostrovevgenia. Thus began a life long friendship. Since that "chance" name on a list the miles between the two have not stopped them from being friends. Sally Clark, Engish teacher in America, met Jane, English teacher in Ukraine.

That long week end before they began their job together "defrosted" Jane's voice. (trust me, Jane never looked back!) The miles between them have enriched their love for each other and for the Lord. Sally has been to Ukraine numerous times, and Jane has spent time in the States with Sally. What a beautiful friendship.

It would be a wonderful story if that were the end of it...but there is more. Jane's family background comes straight out of the old Soviet system of atheism. Sally wanted a good friend, and interpreter, but what she got as a bonus, was a new sister in Christ.

Early on the morning of July 15, 1995, Jane took a trip down to the Dneper River ans was baptized into Christ. Her mother was against it, but Jane knew what she needed to do, and at 6:30 a.m. she became not only Sally's friend, but her sister as well.

That other teacher? Rita Girenko, of course. (who was baptized in 1992, one year after her husband Andrew)

now you know the rest of the story,

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