Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today is the day that the Lord has made...

What a beautiful day it started out to be! The weather is cool, the clouds are keeping the sun from burning us to a crisp...I have on a light weight cool skirt...the van comes very is not too full...I am going to worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ...what more could you ask??

The van ride was quick and not too crowded. We arrived at Kirova street and bought some cherries for the children to have at snack time. I didn't know what to expect from the class, maybe one, maybe none, maybe...We actually ended up having four. The youngest was 13 months old, the oldest 11. Quite a range to teach, but we did okay.

Julianna, Vlad and Tanya's 3 year old daughter is VERY shy. She has just started to keep her eyes open when she encounters strangers. Now she just turns her head and refuses to look at you. Before she would stand with her eyes closed untill the person left or her parents came and removed her from the situation. She is just as cute as a button, looks like a small fairy with very delicat features. Very tiny hands and delicate facial features. A sweet smile. All in all a beautiful little girl! She is not rude about it, she just won't look at you. Perhaps if she cannot see YOU, YOU cannot see her!

We drew different body parts (hands, feet, eyes, etc.) and talked about the most important one. We decided that they were all important and needed each other in order for the body to function...much like the church...all members are equally important and need each other to function!

After first singing together as a congregation we dismissed to childrens classes. After about 45 minutes we gathered back together to participate in the Lord's Supper. Then again we dismissed for children's classes. We made our lesson point, did our craft and ate our snack.

By the end of class, Julianna was looking at me and participating with the others. I am determined that she will like me by the end of my time here...I only have a few more days so I better get cracking!

After services were over, Dennis, Marina, Rita and I went to eat at the Poisatta Hhatta (phonetically written). It is a Ukrainian Luby's. Decent food at a decent price.

After lunch we will go the the Dawn orphanage and visit those children.

till later,

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