Thursday, June 16, 2011

Greetings from Rita...

When we arrived in Ukraine, our plane was full, we deboarded along with another plane full of people. It looked like a leming race for the cliffs to get indoors! We had to ride the approximately 300 feet to the airport. Usually we have to fill out some kind of entrance paper with an address of the person we are going to stay with while in country. That rule has apparantly changed this year. So I didn't look for my address while I waited in the line. After about 30 minutes it was my turn to get my passport checked.

That was when I got the "blessing and curse" put on me. The lady that was looking at my passport was friendly. Karye, she actually SMILED at me! (that is the blessing BTW) But then she asked for the dreaded address. (another blessing...she spoke a few words of English) Of course, by then, every memory I had of where I had put it had VANISHED! I fumbled and twisted thru my bag...three times... before I found it! Meanwhile, the two guys waiting directly behind me were OUT of patience! But, all is well and I found the right documents and was on my way!

Now to find the luggage, again, thank you prayer warriors, it was all intact and undamaged. Of course, no one offered to help me drag it off of the carasel or thru to the luggage scanner. I bet I looked like a circus clown trying to perform in all three rings at the circus!

THEN...another blessing!! Just as I got all four bags thru the scanner, the official left. I looked around, everyone else was going on thru...and then I saw Rita thru the doors. "Should I come on thru?", of course she looked around at everyone else and said "of course!!"

Can you believe it?? Not one question on any of my bags!! Thank you Father!

It started to rain that cooled things off, and Sasha (who owns a private car) took me home from the airport to Jane's flat. It felt SO good to be "home". Just coming into the flat and re-introducing my self to Boyna, the cat, and finding my bed, the couch, and hugging my sisters! That is what the sweet life is all about!

Another day of adventure in Ukraine must come to an end. I ate a light supper, and REALLY tried to stay up till dark, and snoozed on the couch. Jane finally woke me up to shower and go back to bed. (We did manage to go thru the bags and quickly organize them for tomorrow)

till next blog,

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